Purearth pioneers patent-pending Kwansha Facial Beauty Coin

Published: 6-May-2020

A gua sha facial massage tool combining TCM and Ayurvedic principles 

Purearth’s patent pending, custom designed facial massage gua sha tool – the Kwansha Facial Beauty Coin – is a first-of-its-kind metal alloy handcrafted by the brand’s master artisans in the art of “kansa” metal making.

With a patina and finish unique to each piece, the Kwansha Coin is an ancient healing metal in Ayurveda that brings vitality and health for the skin and system from the inside out.

A proven and pure composition of copper and tin, a massage with the Kwansha Facial Beauty Coin visibly causes greyness around the massaged area, indicating the release of acidity, pitta and heat, toxins, blockages and impurities from the skin that reacts with the pure metal.

The instrument works on the skin, underlying connective tissues, and the bio electric, magnetic and energetic prana fields of our body. The Kwansha Coin aids micro circulation, promoting oxygen rich blood flow to the skin.

Purearth pioneers patent-pending Kwansha Facial Beauty Coin

Designed to bring balance and symmetry to the face, this innovation helps lift, tone and shape the facial contours while bringing suppleness to skin with regular use.

The Kwansha Facial Beauty Coin should be worked on the mouth, cheek, jaw and neck muscles, using deep, slow and firm but gentle sweeping strokes from the center of the face outward to stimulate, lift and tone skin.

Pair the instrument with any of the Purearth oils for well-lubricated skin.

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