Purearth Founder, Kavita Khosa, brings immersive Ayurveda experiences to grassroots levels through DIY masterclass

Published: 15-Apr-2020

Purearth Founder – Kavita Khosa introduces the technique of creating one’s own Ayurvedic Shatadhauta Ghrita Face Cream, a time-honoured, classic recipe prescribed in ancient Ayurvedic texts to heal skin concerns for dry, irritated and acneic skin.

Shatadhauta means 100 washes in Sanskrit, while Ghrita means Ghee or clarified butter from the desi Indian cow, also known as A2 ghee due to the two types of proteins in it.

The A2 organic cow ghee, purified and filtered water or rose hydrosol, a solid copper plate and a copper round bottomed bowl serve as the only requirements for the complete process.

The technique involves 100 rotations, 100 times, of pressing the ghee and water into the plate to infuse them with the trace minerals from copper, with a change of water every 100 rounds, to produce the face cream’s penetrative, light as air texture.

Khosa says: “To be honest, this is the most laborious, arduous formation that I have ever worked on, it takes the whole day and is a test of your patience and passion. What kept me going is the will to learn and follow the exact authentic recipe as prescribed in classical Ayurvedic textbooks.”

Bringing this experience to grassroots levels through a masterclass conducted in New Delhi, Khosa commends the high performance, cooling face cream as a renowned remedy for pacifying vata dryness and hyper-pigmentation, also perfect for heaty pitta skin, acne, burns and closed wounds.

Consumers can read more about the process involved in making the Shatadhauta Ghrita Face Cream and its benefits through Khosa’s blog post on the Purearth website.

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