PCR vs Virgin PET Packaging: What's Best For Your Brand?

Published: 24-Mar-2022

Each are uniquely suited to specific goals of hair and skin care cosmetic producers

EPOPACK makes Post-Consumer Recycled PET as well as Virgin PET bottles and jars.

Both options are eco-friendly. PET is the most recyclable plastic. And PCR (from PET) obviously won’t add more waste to the world.

Let's briefly compare them so you can make a more informed choice for your next product launch.

1. PCR Packaging Is More Expensive

Waste reduction isn't just a slogan. If you want that benefit, it will cost more than Virgin (new) PET.

Now, a PCR package does not have to be made from 100% PCR plastic. In other words, it could be a combination of some PCR and some Virgin PET.

However, after many tests we have discovered that 100% PCR is best for quality control.

Plus, used PET material must be collected and sorted after-market to make PCR, resulting in higher labor costs than simply making new PET.

2. Virgin PET Is Standardized & Has Higher Clarity

While both materials rival glass in terms of beauty, PET plastic can be completely clear. To put it another way, it can be a glass substitute.

Whereas the PCR material is somewhat milky.

Due to the PCR creation process, there is also color variation from package to package. Depending on how you want to frame your marketing, this variance could be used as an advantage (eg. "each piece is unique").

If you want your 100% PCR packaging to look standardized (no color variation), then you will have to consider spray coloring or printing.

3. Both Can Be Done In EPOPACK's "Heavy Wall" Luxury Style

Neither material involves any compromise on beauty.

Our special “heavy wall” construction is shatterproof, with a sturdy feel in the hand. It has a commanding presence on the shelf. And all the bottles and jars can be easily customized by spray color coating, printing, and hot stamping.

The bottom line is that, if your brand story involves reducing waste and the Green lifestyle, then you may have to plan for the higher cost of PCR. Or you can get fully-recyclable Virgin PET packaging for a lower cost but with a more standardized and “glass-like” appearance.

Want To Compare Samples?

Obviously this is a small space to explore this large topic.

This is why we have dedicated project managers that can discuss your needs in detail, and then put together a unique sample package so you can try both materials yourself.

To learn more, email our project manager Amy Pan now: amycb@epopack.com

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