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Online logistics: How the industry's unsung heroes deliver the goods

Published: 6-May-2020

With online playing a vital role in keeping consumers supplied with beauty goods, we highlight those companies providing a flexible approach to logistics in a much-changed market

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Essential to the success of any brand is the smooth delivery of products in pristine condition to the retailer, online store or directly into the hands of the consumer.

Much of this depends on the ability of the distribution company or 3PL (third party logistics) in responding to client demands, such as a sales spike for a product recommended by a key influencer, or the implications of a downturn in retail and a surge in online orders.

Furthermore, sustainability of shipping materials is a big requirement for the sector and must be balanced with the prerequisite that a product arrives safely and undamaged.

BDM is one of the largest 3PLs in beauty, servicing many of the industry’s leading companies. Its clients have increased in number by a third over the past two years, necessitating a doubling in order processing capacity.

“E-commerce is a much bigger focus for many customers, so the operation has changed to dedicate more areas to online order processing,” explains Paul Lipscomb, General Manager, BDM.

“The average value of an online order is between one and four products, which is very different when delivering far greater volumes to retailers. We’ve ensured that our system has the flexibility to service both types of customer.”

Beauty represents half of Cygnia Logistics’ turnover and the company is keen to see this grow. A key focus is to help brands align service delivery across both B2B and B2C.

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