Nikko Chemicals marks milestone anniversaries with donation to El Sistema Connect

Published: 20-Dec-2023

Tokyo's Nikko Chemicals, celebrating 75 years, supports El Sistema's global mission to empower children through music

In a momentous celebration of its 75th anniversary, Nikko Chemicals, alongside Nissa commemorating 65 years and Cosmos marking two decades, has made a substantial contribution to the General Incorporated Association El Sistema Japan.

The remarkable initiative by Nikko Chemicals, headquartered in Tokyo-to Chuo-ku under the leadership of CEO Mr. Hideyuki Nakahara, underscores a commitment to corporate social responsibility. The donation is aimed at supporting the Global Development of life skills in children through the transformative power of music, a cause championed by El Sistema.

El Sistema, renowned for its global efforts in fostering life skills among children through musical experiences, has found a valuable ally in Nikko Chemicals. The impact of this collaboration extends locally in Japan, where the Tokyo White Hands Chorus, a unique platform catering to children with hearing loss and impairment, provides an avenue for these young minds to explore the world of fine arts. The overarching goal is to cultivate mutual understanding and compassion in building an inclusive and diverse society.

Within the NIKKOL GROUP, the commitment to social responsibility remains unwavering. The pledge to continue supporting El Sistema reflects the organisation's dedication to making a positive impact on children's lives through the universal language of music.

As Nikko Chemicals celebrates its 75th, Nissa its 65th, and Cosmos its 20th anniversary, this donation signifies a timeless commitment to fostering positive change in the community. The collaboration with El Sistema stands as a testament to the enduring values of Nikko Chemicals and its subsidiaries, transcending the cosmetic industry to make a meaningful contribution to society.

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