Wilkinson Sword airs Little Things campaign TV adverts


The ads star Louise Redknapp, Lucy Watson and Olivia Lee

As part of an ongoing partnership, shaving brand Wilkinson Sword has announced that actress Lucy Watson, model Louise Redknapp (pictured) and comedian Olivia Lee will feature in a series of three television adverts.

The adverts form part of the brand’s Little Things campaign, which encourages women across the UK to celebrate and enjoy the little things in life. The 30sec adverts highlight what each of the three women do in their daily routines that make them feel good.

The adverts will run during key drama and entertainment programmes across the Channel 4 network, with Redknapp’s advert being the latest to air (on 20 April).

In this advert Redknapp is shown discussing how she keeps everything under control during her busy morning routine.

Of course, the adverts also promote the brand, and align each of the three women to one of the three Wilkinson Sword systems: Watson represents the Hydro Silk system, Redknapp the Intuition range and Lee the Quattro for Women Bikini product.

Diana Graovac, Regional Product Manager at Energizer Wilkinson Sword, said: “Our lives are forever busy and often involve lots of multi-tasking, this campaign aims to show women that concentrating on the little things can make the bigger things more manageable. We are thrilled to have all three women back on board for another exciting year with Wilkinson Sword.”

Watson and Redknapp will also reveal their top beauty tips for preparing their legs for summer via a press office campaign.

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