Vytrus Biotech scoops rare Best Active Ingredient double win at 2020 in-cosmetics Global Awards

Published: 7-Oct-2020

Meanwhile Symrise’s SymEffect Sun takes Gold for Best Functional Ingredient

Plant stem cell-derived active ingredients specialist Vytrus Biotech has taken home Gold and Silver in the Best Active Ingredient category at the 2020 in-cosmetics Global Awards.

The Gold Award went to Kannabia SensePLF, a prebiotic ingredient made from cannabis plant stem cells that stimulates the production of oxytocin through the skin, activating the brain pleasure centres.

Deobiome Noni won Vytrus Biotech the Silver Award; a biological deodorant ingredient, it efficiently reduces body malodour while sustainably respecting the skin microbiota.

“We are very excited and happy about this double recognition from the cosmetic industry,” said Òscar Expósito, CEO, CSO and co-founder of Vytrus Biotech.

“Behind Vytrus’ family, we have a very talented team that, thanks to their enthusiasm and commitment, make it possible for us to continue growing, evolving and facing new challenges.”

Bronze for Active Ingredient was a tie between Mibelle Biochemistry for its skin rejuvenating Alpine Rose Active and Clariant’s Prenylium, which boasts a well-ageing claim.

The Best Functional Ingredient Gold Award went to Symrise for SymEffect Sun, a 100% naturally-derived material that enhances the efficacy of UV filters while improving water resistance and formulation stability.

It was a sun care one and two as Dow Chemical took Silver for its SunSpheres BIO SPF Booster: a high performing bio-derived and readily biodegradable SPF booster.

And it was another joint award for Bronze in the Functional Ingredient category with Clariant again being recognised for its preservation booster Velsan Flex and Gattefossé for Emulium Dolcea MB, a new natural emulsifier which imparts exceptional softness.

Henry Lamotte Oils’ Paradise Nut Oil and Magdalena River Nut Oil won Gold in the Green Ingredient category, followed by Cargill for FiberDesign (Silver) and Minasolve’s A-Leen Aroma-3 (Bronze).

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, for the first time, the in-cosmetics Global Awards ceremony was streamed live across social media channels on 6 October.

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