Vivimed launches hair dyes at in-cosmetics Global

Published: 24-Apr-2018

Vivimed introduced several new and exciting product launches at in-cosmetics Global.

Jarocol Rich Black and Jarocol Royal Blue have been specifically developed for formulators nervous about using basic dyes not yet regulated onto Annex III of the Cosmetics Regulation.

Jarocol AOL was launched as an alternative to resorcinol allowing resorcinol free formulations to now be developed.

Vivimed’s Nisarg range of natural hair dyes, which will be commercially available later in 2018, will offer hair colour solutions to consumers who prefer the natural route.

And finally the Santé-Clean range of active concentrates which only require dilution with water to be market ready, are the first biocidal products available using only naturally derived ingredients with proven efficacy in line with BPR requirements.

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