VNGR+ extracts with zero-alcohol tinctures from ancient times

Published: 31-Aug-2018

Vinegar is a highly beneficial, multi-functional ingredient known for centuries.

In particular our hair profits immensely from vinegar, as it is pH-balancing and naturally cleansing. Therefore, vinegar-based ingredients are optimally suitable to fight damaged, dull and unruly hair.

Lipoid Kosmetik developed an exquisite selection of superior, COSMOS-approved VNGR+ extracts, which reduce hair damage, while leaving smooth hair with a stunning shine.

VNGR+ extracts with zero-alcohol tinctures from ancient times

VNGR+ are extracts from plant material with vinegar and glycerin as extraction system. The extraction with both, vinegar and glycerin, creates powerful, virtually alcohol-free tinctures.

Being optimised for formulation compatibility, performance and efficacy, VNGR+ extracts are the ideal addition for the daily hair perfection.

Cider VNGR+ is an extract from mallow flowers and nettle herbs with Swiss organic apple cider vinegar and glycerin. Rice VNGR+ is an extract from chrysanthemum flowers and polygonum roots with rice vinegar and glycerin.

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