The new Vytrus TV channel inspired by plants

Published: 22-Mar-2022

The team shows how to work with plants with biotechnology processes using audiovisual pieces

What if a passionate team showed you new concepts in cosmetics?

This is the philosophy of the Vytrus TV channel. A new space where science, nature and passion are combined in short video capsules where its team shows the biotechnology behind their walls, the plants Vytrus is inspired by, the great concepts brought to the market and how their 100% natural actives can easily be formulated.

Vytrus opens its doors to discover a world of scientific advances based on the latest concepts inspired by plant stories. Its team shows in audiovisual pieces how to work with plants in a different way with sustainable biotechnology processes that allow to obtain the real power of nature, the essence of plants through plant stem cell cultures.

Amongst the channel categories, the company has been working on three different sections. ‘Innovating with Plant Stem Cells’ provides a deeper look on how Vytrus is inspired by plant properties. A new way of developing biotechnological platforms to create innovative actives that respect the environment, skin health and hair health.

Plants are the core of Vytrus knowledge and creations, so the channel includes a section called ‘Plant Stories’. Those capabilities that nature brings which the company translates into the cosmetics language to deal with skincare and haircare.

Finally, the ‘Formulating from Nature’ section will include several episodes that aims to help cosmetic formulators create a wide range of possibilities with biotech concepts.

Have a look at the teaser video to discover what Vytrus has lately been working on. The biotech company will be uploading more videos to each category in the coming months, so the audience has always something new to watch. Stay tuned!

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