The latest spa treatment ingredients


There is a wealth of ingredients ideal for use in spa products. John Woodruff reviews the latest solutions for exfoliating, pampering and beautifying

In spas it appears that the majority of treatments are aimed at females, and there is an emphasis on pampering. Treatments may be available for all parts of the body, but among the most frequently offered are facial cleansing and exfoliation, body scrubs and cellulite therapies. This feature is going to examine the composition and special ingredients of the products used for the most popular spa treatments.

Scrubbing up nicely

The starting point for almost all spa treatments is a shower with the emphasis on mildness and the feature ‘Gently does it’, which appeared in the February issue of SPC, introduced many of the materials available to meet this requirement. Once the patient has showered the treatments may begin. Facial cleansing and exfoliation of the face and body is an important procedure in spa treatments, and there are many materials suggested as scrubbing agents, including polyethylene granules, ground seeds, husks, shells and every other natural material that can be micronised to impart a gentle exfoliating action.


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