The UK’s Best Retail Consultants of 2017


Pure Beauty is the official sponsor of the Copra Retail Consultant of the Year Awards, which celebrates the best retail service that the UK has to offer. Every month we will feature an interview with two of the winners and reveal what it’s like working in beauty retail today

Meet The Consultants

This month we speak to Chezrae Mason, Tom Ford Consultant at Bentalls, Fenwick Store and Danielle Auker, Tom Ford Consultant at Jarrolds (pictured below).

Chezrae Mason, Tom Ford Consultant at Bentalls, Fenwick Store

Chezrae Mason, Tom Ford Consultant at Bentalls, Fenwick Store

Danielle Auker, Tom Ford Consultant at Jarrolds

Danielle Auker, Tom Ford Consultant at Jarrolds

What do you love about your job?
CM I enjoy the products I sell and I love introducing them to my clients. I like sharing the inspiration behind the collections and ingredients in each fragrance and helping customers to find their favourite personal scent.
DA I love that I get the chance to make a difference to each customer’s day and that I help them to go away feeling happy. I love a challenge and every day is different at Jarrolds, plus I enjoy working as part of a team.

What has beauty retail taught you? 
CM It is a demanding industry and every client is very different so you have to be able to give tailor-made advice and service to each person.
DA You have to listen to the needs of every customer as everyone is different and you have to adapt based on what they tell you. Trends change so you have to continually learn to keep up. Our industry helps to give women the confidence to enhance their natural beauty.

What are the biggest challenges you face on the shop floor? 
CM Meeting each client’s expectations, as I always want a client to go away with the perfect products.
DA Ensuring I give exceptional service even during busy times.

Why were you named Copra Retail Consultant of the Year?
  CM I engage with passing clients about my brand. I go above and beyond to meet expectations and to show passion within my work.
DA I am always flexible and go over and above what’s expected of me. I’m loyal, 100% dedicated and passionate about the brand I work for and also to Jarrolds, which shows in the relationships I build with my customers and colleagues.

What does it mean to win this award? 
CM It means a lot to me as it shows my hard work is being noticed. It’s always good to get recognition.
DA It’s a fantastic recognition of my dedication and hard work and I feel honoured even to be nominated.

When have you gone above and beyond to keep a customer happy? 
CM A couple asked me to help them find a shared wedding fragrance. I arranged a consultation with Champagne and found out what ingredients they both enjoyed. I found and created a unique blend of two fragrances that they both loved.
DA I served a customer at Christmas who needed help buying presents. I not only found the perfect items from within my brand but I also sourced great offers from other counters, then wrapped and labelled them all ready for him to collect. He has since come back and purchased for himself and others throughout the year.

What advice would you give to someone starting in beauty retail?
CM Be confident! Share your passion in the product you’re selling and showcase its inspiration and use to your customers. Engage with clients on a personable level so you gain their trust and build your client base.
DA Be willing to learn and adapt to every customer, have enthusiasm, patience and present yourself well. Treat your customers as you would like to be treated yourself.

What trends have you seen in store? 
CM My clients are going for a more sun kissed and light make-up look, which they can easily achieve around their busy lifestyles.
DA The current trends include luminosity, highlighters, radiant skin, matte lips and coloured mascara.

What do you predict will be the next big thing in beauty? 
DA I believe that brands will be focusing more on using natural and organic ingredients.

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What beauty products would you like to be created in future?
CM An extensive collection of men’s beauty products designed specifically for men’s skin.
DA A nail varnish that’s a base, top coat and colour all in one and dries quickly. Also, an eye concealer that is dual purpose for brightening under the eye and as a base for eyelids.

The UK’s Best Retail Consultants of 2017

The Requirements for the award are . . .

  • Customer facing on the cosmetic and fragrance areas
  • Exceptional individual that stands above the rest
  • Great sales performance
  • Motivated
  • Good team member
  • Enthusiastic
  • Service driven
  • Consistent