The Libbie Club presents new social-selling model


Members are asked to promote and sell products in return for more products

British beauty marketing company LiB Group, which operates, YOU Beauty Box and Powder, has launched The Libbie Club, an incentive-based social-selling platform.

The Libbie Club is based on the concept that its members or ‘libbies’ promote brand partners’ products in return for free beauty products and discounts on further purchases. After paying a joining fee of £35, members are sent a box of products to trial and review; partner brands include Little Ondine, Tarte Cosmetics, Cowshed and Bean Body.

Members are asked to promote the products inside the boxes on their social media channels in order to sell one product, which will be available at a discount through the Libbie Boutique. If successful, members will receive another box of products a month later. Top sellers are given beauty treatment vouchers and discounts on cosmetics.

A limited number of member spaces are available. Since its debut in March, approximately 500 customers have signed up to the scheme. The company has set a goal of attracting 2,000 members across the UK by the end of the year and 10,000 by 2018.

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Sophie Maxwell, Business Development and Community Manager, said: “Our Libbies are influential women who are trusted by their friends and clients when it comes to choosing the right beauty products. Now they are getting rewarded for the advice they have always been giving.”