The B Corp Beauty Coalition launches its B Beauty Navigator to help companies and citizens in sustainability-oriented choices

Published: 9-May-2023

The Coalition members cooperated – guided by the principle of interdependence – through dedicated working groups on packaging, logistics and ingredients areas, with the goal to improve the sustainability standards of the beauty industry

The B Corp Beauty Coalition launches its B Beauty Navigator to help companies and citizens make more sustainable choices by sharing best practices and useful information on the performance and sustainability of packaging, greener logistics and supply chain engagement and ingredient sourcing practices. Sharing best practice and guidance in key operational areas of ingredient sourcing, responsible and sustainable packaging and logistics, the B Beauty Navigator is the result of collaboration throughout the B Corp Coalition to deliver overall ‘beauty for good’.

Three working groups – focused on Packaging, Logistics and Ingredients – were established in 2022 to collectively raise sustainability standards across the beauty industry, with the B Beauty Navigator the first output of the groups. Working together, the Coalitions’ working groups have created the world’s first openly available library of impartial advice and guidance to help to debunk the greenwash jargon around sustainable claims, packaging solutions and ingredient sourcing.

Designed to help beauty companies and citizens make more informed decisions, the tool will be open-source and free to access and will be the Coalition’s first significant contribution to the beauty industry. The B Beauty Navigator tool includes guidance and best practice across:


The Packaging Evaluation Guide offers guidance on best – and worst – sustainable business practices, as agreed by leading voices across the industry, and tracked against key sustainability criteria for beauty packaging. The manual includes a glossary of packaging-related concepts and a handy guide to what to consider during each key supply chain phase.

The Sustainability Certifications and Standards library navigates and informs companies of the latest standards and certifications released by non-profit and for-profit organisations, according to their needs and priorities.

Plastic Packaging Mapping is a dedicated database created to illustrate and assess the impact of the many types of plastic which are widely used across the industry.

Greener Logistics 

The Greener Logistics Guide helps guide companies and suppliers to evaluate their own sustainability standards, based on B Corp criteria. The checklist is aimed at helping companies and suppliers monitor, track and improve the environmental impact of their operations.


The outcomes of the Ingredient Sourcing working group are under evaluation, to be published soon.

All contents are available on the B Corp Beauty Coalition’s website to companies committed to cooperating, prioritising and improving their own sustainability credentials, and sharing best practice, for the greater good of our beauty industry.

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