Techno beauty: The 5 best male grooming apps in 2017

By Sarah Parsons 24-Aug-2017

The iPhone, which was first released a decade ago, has transformed the male consumer’s relationship with technology, and more recently beauty. Here are the male grooming apps leading the charge in 2017

Techno beauty: The 5 best male grooming apps in 2017

This year marks the tenth anniversary of arguably one of the most influential inventions of our generation – the iPhone.

It wasn’t the first smartphone but it is certainly one of the most iconic, with a billion sold worldwide.

From organising holidays to managing finances, the gadget has changed the way consumers can pretty much do anything.

But, inadvertently, the creation has also changed how male shoppers consume beauty and grooming products — and the App Store has played a major part in it.

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What are the best beauty apps to recommend to your male consumers? With more men interested in beauty and grooming than ever before, we explore the apps they should be advised to download immediately.


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