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New collection trends make up colour 2016

Face Make-Up

This year we present formulas with those characteristics in the following products, the variety in textures invite us to enjoy through our senses, the feel sensation achieved in the base formula as a key point for the consumer making the purchase decision.

All of this formula concepts are anti-age and with high hydration properties

Eye Make-Up

This trend includes intense shades for the lower and upper eye lids, to achieve contrast, fading degrade, highlighting the eyes with intense lines and a kohl look with extended expression on the eyelids and the outer part of the eyes.

Vibrant concepts in all of the green tones, matt and pearly combining textures.

Lip Make-Up

The Trend for this category is based on intense matt and vibrant colours in fuchsia, red, cherry and burgundy.

Outstanding, are the “BI LIP” colour mixes, that provide a contrast effect, with a mix of long lasting-creamy-powder-glossy multicolour creative effects.

Traditionally we have used different colours on the eye lids, it’s the lips turn.

Effects Make-Up

The new concept is colour surgery, the pearls and shine in this tendency focus on young and natural faces. The bronzing and luminosity effects through out the pearls, give volume to the face. This effect is proven to denote youth.

A Young face is a lot rounder and smoother than a mature one. The New Technology Pearls provide such effect; of decreasing the age appearance increasing the volume of the face.

Pink cheeks denote smoother and less aggressive angles which refresh and soften expression lines.

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If we add this, to the formula with treatment, we can achieve the complete effect.


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