Study links fragrance and communication


Perfume \'may be a new channel of communication for children with learning disabilities\'

Fragrance distributor Seven Scent and The Seashell Trust have released the results of their latest study that may help multi-sensory impaired children communicate with others.

The two-year study's first phase focused on observing a group of 12 young people that used 'smell' in their multi-sensory modes of learning. Results indicate that the fragrances appeared to bridge a gap in the group’s understanding. The second phase of the study looked at the role of fragrance in enhancing memory.

Kate Williams, creative perfumer at Seven Scent, commented on the results: “Initial findings support the view that fragrance can be used effectively as part of the learning process for those with learning and communication difficulties. It is an extremely positive start to what we hope will be a series of long-term studies which will further explore how fragrance can be used in choice-making; opening up a new channel of communication for the children which may not otherwise be easily available.”

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