Stephenson showcases revolutionary ultra mild soap-free syndet base

Published: 13-Feb-2019

New Syndopal from Stephenson provides cosmetic brands and manufacturers with a soap-free, ph5.5 - 6.5 base noodle, with improved processability compared to other syndets on the market. Suitable for applications across cosmetic, pharmacy and mass markets.

UK-based global speciality ingredients manufacturer Stephenson will showcase its new soap-free syndet called, Syndopal, at In-Cosmetics Global 2019, opening the exhibition with a seminar entitled 'Syndet: The Revolution,' which will take place from 9.30 - 10.00 on 2 April in Theatre 1.

Jamie Bentley, CEO added: "We realised this was a real challenge for many of our customers who wanted to expand their range and create a soap free products but couldn’t due to how difficult it was to process and manufacture syndet. We knew that if we could develop a base that was more like traditional extruded soap noodles, we could help our customers access and open up new markets, add value and offer their own customers something different through product diversification."

"Cosmetics brands and manufacturers benefit from improved processability compared with alternative syndets in the market. As Syndopal processes like an extruded vegetable soap noodle - with no dust and excellent production throughput this results in vastly improved productivity such as increased run rates, better yields and cost savings."

Syndopal really does open up the sector for manufacturers who previously would not have been able to manufacture syndet bars

Syndopal is a soap-free, ph 5.5-6.5 base noodle, which produces an ultra-mild syndet bar, ensuring superior cleansing to produce premium quality syndet or combi-bars, which gently remove dirt, oil and make-up without disrupting the skin's natural barrier. As well as being 100% soap free and ultra-mild, it’s also suitable for sensitive skin, non-irritant, non-drying, paraben free and peg-free.

"We are entering a period of change in the market place with demand for sensitive skin products, the resurgence in bar soaps and solid shampoos plus growing pressures to reduce packaging and waste. Syndopal really does open up the sector for manufacturers who previously would not have been able to manufacture syndet bars, across cosmetic, pharmacy and mass market applications."

Visit the stand B81 or click here for more information.

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