Solvay launches two biodegradable guars for beauty

By Julia Wray 10-Dec-2021

Jaguar C500 STD and Jaguar HP-8 COS SGI said to offer good hair and skin benefits

Naturally-derived polymers specialist Solvay has added two new biodegradable guars to its Jaguar range.

The Brussels-based supplier’s Jaguar C500 STD and Jaguar HP-8 COS SGI are said to enable formulators to produce beauty care solutions with superior benefits and highly-popular biodegradability claims.

Jaguar C500 STD is a cationic polymer with low aqueous viscosity, which can be used in hair care as an anti-static agent, conditioner, deposition agent and to enhance delivery. Meanwhile, Jaguar HP-8 COS SGI is a nonionic polymer, which is cited for use as a texturiser and emulsion stabiliser with added benefits such as hair conditioning. It is said to provide a smooth skin feel and a soft hair feel.

“Consumers are becoming more aware of how their actions impact the health of our planet,” explained Stephanie Neplaz, Global Marketing Innovation Director, Hair Care at Solvay, about the need for biodegradable solutions.

“This means they are looking for beauty products made with biodegradable ingredients that have a positive impact on their hair or skin as well as on the planet.”

Adding to the ingredients’ sustainability profile, the guar beans used to create the Jaguar polymers are sourced in India as part of Solvay’s Sustainable Guar Initiative, which implements best farming practices to improve guar quality and supply security, while providing a better living for farmers.

“We are constantly investing in innovation, technology, and developing our Jaguar portfolio,” said Jean-Guy Le Helloco, Solvay’s Global Vice President, Home and Personal Care.

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“And we have more innovations, such as next generation biodegradable polymers, on the horizon.”