Skin care brands not engaging with consumers

Published: 10-Nov-2011

Research finds lack of brand loyalty among users

Skin care brands are failing to engage with many of today’s users, a new report from Datamonitor suggests. Despite significant growth potential, the skin care market faces issues with brand loyalty, an excess of choice and ineffective marketing, says the report, The Future of Skincare: Consumption trends and product preferences.

“The emotive nature of personal care products means that consumers are inherently brand loyal, with some 55% choosing to stick with a tried and tested brand rather than try out a new one,” commented report author and Datamonitor analyst Michaela Peck. “In addition, our research shows that consumers are becoming fatigued by the amount of product choice. This leads to an unfavourable situation in store, with customers ‘reverting to type’ and choosing to ignore product innovation.”

To make matters worse, marketers are failing to understand what claims consumers want to see. According to the report, consumers are interested in products that speak about freshness, purity and come recommended by medical professionals, but relatively few brands are tapping into this.

“The need for skin care brands to better engage with consumers is evident,” added Peck. “Companies need to address the confusion and frustration that results from overextended product lines and ensure that customers understand the true value of the product.”

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