Skin Proud launches online game to promote body positivity

By Becky Bargh | 27-May-2020

The brand hopes to challenge perceptions around body image among its digital-native audience

Beauty brand Skin Proud hopes to promote body positive among its digital-native audience with the launch of a new online game.

The game, available via the brand’s Instagram, Facebook and TikTok channels, tasks consumers with stamping out negative words, such as ‘hideous’ and ‘ashamed’, by tapping them away on-screen.

By successfully tapping on the words, consumers win points that will enter them into a prize draw.

“Our customer base, which is largely made up of Gen Zs, spend more time online and in front of screens than any other demographic,” said Nora Zukauskaite, Skin Proud’s Global Head of Marketing.

“Exacerbated by the current situation, a game felt like the right move to really capture the hearts and minds of those individuals, especially since they aren’t able to engage with more traditional games and sports at this time.

“We have already built a 20,000 plus-strong community on social media platforms but wanted to amplify their experience online in a unique way.

“Plus the game is fun and positive, which is something I think we could all do with a little more of right now.”

According to Skin Proud, thousands of new players have already joined its online community, which Zukauskaite also hopes will help to permanently alter attitudes in the beauty sector.

Beauty’s game face

Skin Proud launches online game to promote body positivity

Beauty’s presence in the gaming sector has spiked in the last 12 months.

With almost 50% of players being women, brands are appealing to this relatively untouched audience with collections inspired by game characters and partnerships with gaming royalty.

In 2019, MAC’s new lipstick line motivated by the mobile game Honor of Kings sold out in 24 hours and amassed a 14,000-person waiting list.

Meanwhile, Benefit entered a partnership with five female gamers in a campaign to inspire girls to play online.

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