Silicones and Lube oil additives specialist BRB rebrands as a PETRONAS subsidiary

Published: 11-Nov-2021

Globally operating manufacturer of silicones, lube oil additives and other specialty chemicals BRB International now rebrands to reflect its journey as a subsidiary of PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG). BRB will continue to operate independently based on its innovation strategy focused on anticipating the current and future needs of the customers and industries. This new status gives BRB even greater global presence and innovation resources

To reflect its strategic orientation and new status as a subsidiary of PCG, BRB today revealed its new brand identity, which includes a revised logo.

By acquiring BRB, PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG) has expanded beyond its traditional oil and gas portfolio. The move represents a fast-forward in terms of value and diversification in support of the group’s growth strategy.

Lube oil additives, BRB’s core competency, play a key role in enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of machinery and vehicles operating under different conditions and even at extreme temperatures. Its specialized silicones give personal care products unique properties that appeal to consumers.

BRB’s unique contribution

The Netherlands-based company is a valuable asset for a number of reasons. Since its beginning as a small business in 1981, BRB has grown vigorously to become an international corporation with over 300 employees across 11 locations.

Its impressive track record is based on a clear strategy of delivering tomorrow’s solutions today, enabling customers to leapfrog ahead to new technologies and gained a competitive edge.

BRB is also decidedly customer-centricity, working closely with customers and partners to co-innovate for greater efficiency and sustainability.

In contrast to many internationally operating companies, BRB has traditionally focused on small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and not just global players – mid-sized companies get full attention and service. Sustainability is another key component of BRB’s strategy. It has made a commitment to operate with zero carbon emissions by 2050.

More relevant than ever

With industries changing at a fast pace – for example, electromobility shaking up the automotive industry – companies need partners who can think ahead and fast-forward to solutions for future challenges.

The global chemicals giants may have impressive resources, but are too slow to adapt and meet these demands. This makes BRB and its offering more relevant than ever, as it is specialized, and can fully concentrate on each of its target industries.

The same goes for BRB’s customers: mid-sized companies often have more flexibility to innovate than huge and public listed corporations.

BRB’s approach is in ln line with the PETRONAS purpose statement. “We not only respond to current needs and wishes, but actually anticipate future demands and develop solutions customers don’t know even know of yet.

We call this fast-forward approach, ‘BRB – passionate for progress,’” says BRB CEO Ralph Pinckaers. “Although becoming a subsidiary of Petronas changes nothing about our independent operations and customer relationships, I’m happy to say that our thinking is fully aligned with the PETRONAS’s statement of purpose, ‘A progressive energy and solutions partner enriching lives for a sustainable future.’”

As the global economy emerges from the pandemic and its restrictions, BRB and PETRONAS are positioned to support the recovery. The next chapter in BRB’s success story may be the best ever.

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