BRB further expands its gum blend portfolio

Published: 2-Nov-2020

Silicone gum blends enjoyed an increasing success in the last few years

Silicone gum blends enjoyed an increasing success in the last few years. This, not only in the hair care applications where they are a major ingredient of hair serums, boosting smoothness, hair conditioning and heat protection benefits; but also in skin care and colour cosmetics applications.

They are very convenient ingredients with multiple benefits and are in the meantime available in various carriers, allowing to achieve a very large band of volatility possibilities for the formulator to play with.

Benefits for hair care:
Enhance dry and wet combing - Frizz control - Heat protection - Sensory enhancer - Smooth feel - Split end repair - Shine/Gloss.

Benefits for skin care:
Detackifier – Enhance spreadability – Film forming – Sensory enhancer - Shine/Gloss.

Benefits for colour cosmetics:
Enhance powder binder – Film forming – Long lasting – Shine/Gloss.

Cyclosiloxane based gum blends were the first ones to be created and the range has been in the meantime expanded with other carriers such as the low viscosity silicone oils or more recently with non-silicone carriers to further enlarge the sensorial possibilities.

Due to its flexibility and ability to provide tailor made solutions, BRB continuously expanded in the last few years its gum blend portfolio and is presently offering one of the largest range on the market.

New capacities and recent developments allowed BRB to upgrade some of the gum blend formulations and commit them to very low levels of yclics, i.e. D4 (cyclotetrasiloxane), D5 (cyclopentasiloxane) and D6 (cyclohexasiloxane) to be <0,1%, anticipating future challenging requests in Europe.

Within the range of upgraded products, BRB 1860 (INCI: Dimethicone (and) dimethiconol) is increasingly convincing customers as a cyclics free version alternative to D5 based gum blends such as the well-established BRB 1834 (INCI: Cyclopentasiloxane (and) dimethiconol).

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