Shiseido celebrates Japanese art and culture at French festival

By Lucy Tandon Copp 7-Sep-2018

As an official supporter of the Japonisme 2018 event, Shiseido will help spread the message of Japanese art and culture in the West

Shiseido has been announced as an official supporter of the Japonisme 2018: les ames en resonance (souls in resonance) festival.

Held in French cities through to February 2019, the festival is organised by the Japanese and French governments, and this year commemorates 160 years of friendship between the two countries.

French culture is said to have had a "huge influence" not only on Shiseido’s founder Arinobu Fukuhara and its first President Shinzo Fukuhara, but also on the corporate culture of Shiseido.

Today, Shiseido continues to embrace French culture, with artistic elements of French Art Nouveau and Art Déco styles first influencing the brand's packaging, logos and advertisements shortly after Shinzo Fukuhara returned from a year-long stay in France in 1913.

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The festival itself showcases artwork such as ancient Jomon pottery and contemporary masterpieces at about 100 venues across Paris and other French cities.