Seqens to launch 3 new pure fragrance intermediates at in-cosmetics Global


Following the launching of the AdvensCare range in 2021, SEQENS Cosmetics enriches its catalog’ offer by adding new intermediates for the fragrance industry

With more than 50 years of experience, SEQENS Cosmetics is a European reference for the development of custom solutions and ingredients for the most demanding industries such as cosmetics and fragrances.

With a longstanding expertise in the manufacturing of key and complex cosmetic ingredients and intermediates, we provide our customers a unique continuum of expertise and support them from the early stages of research and development to the industrialization of their products.

Following the launching of the AdvensCare™ range in 2021, SEQENS Cosmetics enriches its catalog offer which is composed of ingredients and intermediates, carefully selected for their value and versatility in cosmetic formulations and perfumes.

All the AdvensCare™ ingredients are manufactured in France in Ecovadis Gold Certified production sites and are available at the highest levels of purity.

3 new ingredients are added to the AdvensCare™ range:

  • AdvensCare™ MBC (CAS 57526-28-0) is a light-yellow liquid used for the synthesis of esters with different olfactory profiles ranging from passion fruit to woody.
  • AdvensCare™ PPA (CAS 501-52-0) is a white crystalline powder with a sweet floral scent widely used for flavorings, food additives, spices, perfumes but also in skincare products as a fixing agent.
  • AdvensCare™ M2P (CAS 1118-58-7) is a colorless to yellow liquid used for the synthesis of perfuming agents with « green » notes which brings a feeling of freshness in soaps, household products, cleaners but in also care products.
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Our expertise in the manufacturing of advanced specialty ingredients for the cosmetics and fragrance industries goes beyond the AdvensCare™ range. Key organic synthesis reactions for the cosmetic industry such as esterification, hydrogenation, halogenation, polymerization and alkylation are performed in routine in our plants and can be made available for the quality manufacturing of your strategic ingredients.