SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Orange

Published: 29-Mar-2019

SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Orange is one of Eckart’s latest novelties,a fascinating effect pigment with very intense orange bulk color and metallic-like brilliancy.

This eye-catching orange pigment builds on the success of SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Red.

SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Orange was developed using Eckart's special coating technologies. These patented processes are responsible for the strong pearl effect and the intense color of the product; the excellent skin feel and extreme hiding power are also pleasant side-effects of this technology.

Additionally, SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Orange is based on synthetic mica for color cosmetic and personal care, thus addressing any purity or ethical concerns.

With SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Orange, Eckart is among the first to offer such a powerful orange-colored pearlescent pigment for colour cosmetics and personal care.

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