Revive Collagen announces international expansion with Saks Fifth Avenue launch

Published: 21-Jun-2023

Europe’s fastest growing liquid collagen supplement brand, Revive Collagen, announces its international expansion, launching at Saks Fifth Avenue

The launch at Saks marks the first US luxury retailer to bring on board Revive Collagen’s award-winning range of ready-to-drink collagen supplements which already has thousands of loyal customers and five-star reviews.

Demand for collagen supplements globally is growing exponentially, with the collagen supplement market expected to exceed $3 billion by 2030 (Global Market Insights). In a market traditionally dominated by collagen powders and tablets, Revive Collagen is set to disrupt the US, bringing ready-to-drink collagen in its most efficacious and convenient form.

Revive Collagen announces international expansion with Saks Fifth Avenue launch

Saks will offer Revive Collagen’s core ready-to-drink marine collagen supplement range which boasts added world-class beauty ingredients and essential vitamins; including Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus which provides 10,000mg of Type 1 hydrolysed marine collagen, Retinol, Vitamins B6 B12, C & D, and its original product with 8,500mg of type 1 marine collagen plus Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid.

Each product contains 14-day and 28-day sachets, making it a convenient and stylish addition to any woman’s or man’s beauty and grooming routine, whilst delivering real results to the skin, hair and nails in 6-8 weeks.

The packs are available to purchase on and are due to land in select Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the near future.

Revive Collagen Co-Founder, John Bailey comments: “I’m so proud to announce we’ve launched Revive Collagen with our first US retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue. This marks a big step for our international expansion plans, which has been one of our biggest goals since we launched just under three years ago. We have a unique product in the US market and look forward to bringing our innovative collagen range and world-first products to the Saks Fifth Avenue customer.”

Revive Collagen General Manager, Sarah Power comments: “We’ve been on an amazing journey with the brand over the past two years, launching into all major UK retailers and now launching with our first US retailer after much demand. Saks Fifth Avenue couldn’t be a better fit for our US launch partner - they embody luxury and high quality, both of which epitomise Revive Collagen as a brand.”

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