Puig launches digital perfume platform WikiParfum

By Julia Wray | Published: 20-Dec-2022

The seven-language website and app provides users with expert content, functionality and features

Puig has unveiled WikiParfum, a digital platform dedicated to all things perfume. 

The Barcelona-based beauty and fashion house, which counts Jean Paul Gaultier, Dries Van Noten, Nina Ricci and Byredo among its brands, described WikiParfum as a “vast online compendium” of expert content, functionality and features, developed by industry professionals. 

The platform has been developed to enable users to browse, compare and choose fragrances from a regularly updated library, which currently includes around 19,600 scents.

According to Puig, WikiParfum helps consumers discover what a perfume smells like, even before they try it in a store.

It comprises an enriched website at wikiparfum.com, available in seven languages, as well as a brand-new mobile app. 

When a user searches for a fragrance on the website or the app, a digital tool draws from a database containing 1,400 photographs of raw materials used in perfumery and organises the images into a visual representation. 

This scent visualiser allows the user to ‘see’ the fragrance, said Puig. 

The larger the image, the more dominant the ingredient; if it is displayed on a black background, the ingredient is intense, while it is less so if the background is white.

WikiParfum is also brand agnostic, so users can find both Puig and non-Puig fragrance brands to choose from.

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