Pinterest’s '100' peeks into 2019’s top 10 beauty trends

By Becky Bargh 12-Dec-2018

This is the social network’s fifth annual report into the top trends for beauty, wellness, food, travel and home

In its fifth annual report, Pinterest has revealed its 100 top trend predictions across beauty, wellness, food, travel and home, and 2019 is set to look decidedly more colourful for the beauty sector.

Natural styles, pops of gloss and colour, and powdered nails are predicted to take next year by storm, with some searches across the category found to have increased by more than 1,000%.

Here are the network’s top ten trends forecast to rip through the beauty sector:

1. Hooray for grey

Image via Instagram @truhair

With searches up more than 879% for ‘going grey’, consumers are predicted to stop fighting the natural ageing process in favour of letting their silver strands shine through.

2. The big bang theory

Fronted by Charles Worthington, the statement cut made waves across beauty in 2018 and hot on its heels is the just-above-brow crop trend predicted to be making a banging come back for 2019, with search increases up by 51%.

3. Pretty in powder

Shellac and gel have been champions of the nail service sector, but the beauty heavy weight may have to make way for a new champion in the form of powder nails.

Searches have increased by more than 442% for the new manicure craze, which is said to last for longer and is easier to remove.

4. Vive la lashes

Image via Instagram @lashoutbyrebekah

Instead of opting for extensions, Pinterest has predicted to see customers find natural methods to extend their lashes using aloe vera or grapeseed oil.

According to the social network channel, natural lash lifts searches have increased 52%.

5. An old favourite

A skin care staple is predicted to make a comeback in the new year, in the form of witch hazel.

Pinterest has reported a search increase for the old-school beauty favourite by more than 305%.

6. Shine on

Meanwhile, glossy looks are no longer set to be constrained to the lip care category.

With the rise of natural glossy K-beauty looks throughout 2018, the report found searches for ‘glossy makeup’ has risen 89% in the last 12 months, meaning dewy looks could be a new found favourite among consumers.

7. Standout and pout

With a colour to suit every occasion, standout lip colours are easy to come by, and consumers are making the most of them.

According to the network, ‘standout lip colour’ searches are up 467% and 2019 could see more hit the market.

8. Nutty for nails

Also predicted to nail it in the new year is the almond manicure trend.

Named for its rounded shape, customers are predicted to opt for the nutty manicure file in 2019.

9. Lathering up

Image via Instagram @lux_life_health_and_beauty

Helping to give consumers brighter and smoother skin and set to make an impact are gentler liquid exfoliators, with searches up by 58%.

10. Longing for lilac

Image via Instagram @hairbynoora

But taking the top spot for the most increased searches goes to a hair care category favourite.

The lilac hair colour trend is set to grow in 2019 with searches increasing by 1,077%.

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