Phyture Biotech turns five

Published: 1-Jul-2014

The company has over 30 years\' experience in the creation of biotechnological products and solutions

Phyture Biotech was born in 2009 as a spin-off company of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona. Created by two scientists from the research group Plant Biotechnology Production of Phytomedicines (2009 SGR 1217), Oscar Expósito (CSO) and Albert Jané (CEO), Phyture Biotech was built by this research group with over 30 years' experience in the creation of biotechnological products and solutions.

Belonging to the Plant Biotechnology sector, Phyture Biotech became a specialised and pioneer company in Spain in the development of plant cells cultures, known as plant stem cells, for the production of innovative active ingredients, versatile and of high value added for its use in cosmetic and dermatology.

It initiated its course offering tailor made and exclusive development services for third parties as a way of growing and expanding, these services consist in developing a new cell line with total warranty of delivery of the necessary plant material. From 2014 the company has evolved, adding to its services with the creation of its own ingredient portfolio. In the past five years, Phyture Biotech has developed ingredients with anti-ageing, whitening and moisturising last generation application. All these products were exclusively and tailor made for clients.

At in-cosmetics Hamburg this year Phyture Biotech launched its first innovative and effective product: ARABIAN COTTON Stem Cells: a Synergistic sun care approach, which provided the company with numerous potential clients and distributors. The company will soon have presence in 21 countries, and expecting to expand globally in the next two years.

Phyture Biotech is satisfied with its trajectory, firmly committing to growth in the path of innovation. The next step will be the development of two more ingredients that will be presented at in-cosmetics Barcelona in 2015.

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