Phyture Biotech joins the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS)

Published: 11-Jun-2014

Phyture Biotech, a pioneer company in Spain in the development of plant cells cultures

Phyture Biotech joins the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS)

Phyture Biotech, a pioneer company in Spain in the development of plant cells cultures, known as plant stem cells, for the production of innovative active ingredients, versatile and of high value added for its use in cosmetic and dermatology, has announced Óscar Expósito´s (CSO) membership of The Society of Cosmetic Scientist (SCS). Óscar Expósito, Chief Scientific Officer and PhD in Plant Biotechnology, commented:

"I am honored to be a member of SCS and be part of such a highly qualified group of professionals. The possibilities are infinite: the work, the developments, the innovations and advances in the science of cosmetics that we can achieve through the exchange of knowledge between members and access to UK resources are incalculable. I am particularly exited and looking forward for all the future fruitful consequences of this alliance: in particular for the next event at Kew Gardens, a rich activity organized by SCS; I can´t imagine a better opportunity to take profit of one of the most important plant resources in the World”.

Exhibiting at In Cosmetics Hamburg 2014 and launching throw this platform our new product ARABIAN COTTON Stem Cells (a natural active ingredient that proves a powerful Synergistic Sun Care effect against photodamage due to its phytocomplex combination) became a very successful experience for Phyture Biotech which initiated conversations with several distributors, letting the company start operations in 21 countries this year; the company expects to expand globally in the next two years.

Our commitment with Science and Innovation united to our industrial vocation inevitably impulses us to identify new opportunities for growth resulting in international expansion. We are confident that alignment to SCS members and their extensive network will help Phyture Biotech fulfill its ambitions, creating a bridge between Spain and UK.

One of the main advantages of the company is the team of specialists it has in the development of plan stem cells, Phyture Biotech not only develops high value added ingredients for their cosmetic and dermatologic use, but also it is highly remarkable the exclusivity and adaptability of the services it provides: the company develops a new cell line with total warranty of delivery of the necessary plant material.

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