Party Time


Pure Beauty’s top-to-toe guide to perfect party beauty

Body beautiful

Nothing says party like smooth, glowing, bronzed skin, but with winter upon us, any colour is likely to have to come from a bottle. Prepping the perfect party body should start a few days before any big event; tanning should take place at least 24 hours before the party, and hair removal and exfoliation should be performed at least a few hours before that to ensure best results. Dawn McDaid, Co-Founder of HotHouse Brands, creator of St. Moriz, says: “Avoid shaving for 24 hours before you tan and don’t bathe or shower immediately before tanning, as this will open pores and can lead to a patchy finish. You should always remove all make-up and deodorant prior to tanning.” Skin should be well prepped with exfoliation to remove dry, dead skin, and oil-free moisturiser massaged into areas prone to dryness like elbows and knees to prevent streaks. When it comes to applying the tan, McDaid recommends: “Start from the feet upwards to avoid crease marks from bending over. You should apply a 5p piece amount of tan to your tanning mitt (a must-have essential) and work in circular motions, taking your time. Don’t go too heavy on your joints; lightly wipe the product over bent knees and elbows to avoid crease lines forming and go easy – your tan will develop over time so don’t be tempted to add more! Leave hands until last and apply in a sweeping motion from wrist to fingers, and after tanning wear loose dark clothing to avoid marks.” If mistakes do happen and streaks appear post-development, don’t panic. “These can usually be rectified with post-tan exfoliation or by using a little lemon juice or whitening toothpaste mixed with a little bit of water,” advises McDaid.

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