Orange is the New Black soap line comes to life


Piper and Polly's handmade soap launches

Handmade soap brand Chivas Skin Care has created a range of artisanal soaps inspired by the Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

In the first season of the show, main character Piper starts a soap business with her best friend Polly – POPI. While the venture was short-lived due to Piper's incarceration, series fan and Chivas co-founder Lauren Johanson has bought the fictional soap brand to life. Johanson said: "The creative department at Lionsgate originally had the idea to bring POPI soap to their fans and was looking to partner with a local soapmaker. Thanks to a family friend of ours who works with the show, Chivas Skin Care was presented as a potential partner. So, of course I binge-watched all of Season One to prepare for our meeting!"

Chivas Skin Care Founders Donna and Lauren Johanson

Chivas Skin Care is run by mother-daughter team Donna and Lauren Johanson. Watching Orange is the New Black characters Polly and Piper make soap in their kitchen brought back memories of their own start-up. Johanson said: "I thought it would be really fun to bring their story to life – and ultimately, that's exactly what we did." The range is produced and presented as if made by the characters, with the packaging reading: "We are two best friends, Polly and Piper, who are passionate about crafting soaps with fun, good-for-you ingredients."

POPI by Chivas Skin Care is available in four varieties: Cucumber & Mint, Grapefruit & Basil, Lavender & Sage and Vanilla and Verbana. All four scents are mentioned in the series as Polly is shown mixing soaps in her kitchen. Johanson added: "Like Polly and Piper, we believe in the value of natural ingredients. We use essential oils, natural colourants and fair trade shea butter in every batch of soap." Also similar to the soaps mentioned in the series, the POPI range is made in small, hand-poured batches and is free from chemical preservatives, parabens and phtalates.

Each soap is handmade using pure essential oils and natural colourants. The range was created in partnership with Orange is the New Black's creators, Lionsgate, taking inspiration from the series but also remaining true to the Chivas Skin Care brand. Johanson explains: "In the show, we can assume that Polly is making soap with water, just as the majority of soapmakers do. But our brand was founded on the benefits of goat's milk for the skin." So when the company agreed to make the soaps, they insisted that this did not change. "Goats milk, along with all-natural ingredients, makes POPI soap more than just a pop-culture icon – it's also a high-quality skin care product that fans will love to use," Johanson added.

Chivas Skin Care produces a range of hand crafted soaps made using fresh goats milk from the family farm and natural ingredients including fair trade shea butter. As well as soaps, the company also offers skin care products including an eye cream, moisturiser and lip balm, all available at more than 80 stores in the US. The soaps are currently available online at and in selected retail locations.

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The range is a limited edition but will be available until March 2016.

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