Nivea launches Rethink Soft campaign in time for #MentalHealthAwareness Day

By Becky Bargh 10-Oct-2019

The project aims to change the negative connotations of being 'soft'

Nivea launches Rethink Soft campaign in time for #MentalHealthAwareness Day

Nivea has kicked off its Rethink Soft campaign in time for #MentalHealthAwareness Day today.

The initiative aims to challenge the negative perception of being ‘soft’ in an effort to change its reputation.

In a recent survey by Nivea, found almost 60% of people said it is detrimental to a person’s mental health to be referred to as ‘soft’ and 49% define the word as weak.

However, despite the negative perception, more than 60% of people believe softness is an important characteristic.

“At the heart of the brand we believe that soft, both emotionally and physically, is what connects us all,” said Nivea’s VP of Marketing Lindsey Brink.

“That’s why we are so excited to launch Rethink Soft and showcase how soft is capable of such powerful things, how it leads by example, and bring out the best in us all.”

The Beiesdorf-owned brand has teamed up with non-profit organisation for the launch.’s global mission is to educate and inspire society to be nicer to one another.

The company’s co-founder Jaclyn Lindsey said she was “thrilled” to partner with Nivea.

“Through this partnership, we’ll gain a better understanding of the perception of soft today and help change its trajectory for tomorrow through research and in-school programming that will help foster soft skills in our youth.”

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Nivea is expected to push the campaign on social media with short films from consumers and personalised influencer stories.