New Clariant tool calculates naturality of formulations

By Julia Wray | Published: 7-Jun-2022

BeautyForward 6 will show the individual impact of specific ingredient choices on a cosmetic product’s naturality

A new personal care tool has been developed to calculate the percentage of formulation naturality.

Clariant’s BeautyForward 6 uses standardised data on the renewable carbon and natural origin of more than 800 ingredients from its portfolio and elsewhere.

It claims to offer formulators and brands the change to calculate the percentage natural content of any formulation according to ISO 16128 methodology.

Users can create their own natural formulation from scratch, adding constituent ingredients in their respective quantities by INCI or trade name. Based on this, the individual ingredient’s naturality is provided, following the Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) for carbon-based ingredients and the Natural Origin Index (NOI) for non-carbon-based ones.

The tool continues by calculating the total formulation naturality based on each ingredient’s contribution.

Alternatively, users can opt for a more guided approach.

The BeautyForward calculation tool comes equipped with a series of customisable skin and hair care formulations, with up to 99% naturality and users can copy the formulations and edit them to fit their needs and content targets.

Formulations can be saved for reference at a later date.

“BeautyForward is always about understanding and addressing needs in personal care,” said Hermann Bach, Global Head of Strategic Marketing and Innovation at Clariant.

“There is evident increasing consumer preference for natural, specifically plant-based ingredients, as well as a growing expectation for brands to understand and communicate on naturality with transparency.

“Our calculator equips them to do this, by providing the necessary personal care ingredient data in an intuitive, digital format.”

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