Nearly one third of women don’t look after their skin from the chin down

By Julia Wray | Published: 1-Mar-2021

Research by Gillette Venus finds 76% of women place most importance on facial skin

Women’s razor brand Gillette Venus has revealed that almost a third of UK women admit they don’t know how to look after their skin from the chin down.

76% of women place most importance on looking after their face and say they’re more likely to renew beauty products like facial moisturisers (52%) and make-up (39%) than their razor.

Almost a fifth (17%) of those surveyed said they spend more than 30 minutes a week on facial skin care but just under five minutes on their legs (41%) and arms (45%).

More than one quarter (28%) spend over £20 per month on beauty products for their face compared with just 7% spending the same on skin care for their legs.

This is despite the fact that the women admitted to experiencing concerns across their entire bodies, such as dry or irritated skin post shaving (61%).

Moreover, 33% don’t choose a razor based on their skin care needs and just 16% regularly replace their razorblades; finally, 43% admit they don’t understand the benefits of using pre and post-shaving products on their skin.

“It’s clear there’s still lots of myths when it comes to the relationship between our skin and our hair removal routines, many of which can be addressed simply by choosing a razor that’s right for your skin’s individual needs,” said Olivia Hughes, Senior Communications Manager for Venus.

“Twenty years ago, we designed the first razor for women’s bodies and skin, and we continue to place those 20 years of skin expertise at the heart of hair removal.”

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