Nº1 De Chanel is beauty powerhouse’s most blockbuster launch to date

By Becky Bargh | Published: 6-Jan-2022

New drop from the luxury beauty brand is the first time it has developed a multi-product line, and it is putting sustainability at the forefront

French powerhouse Chanel is set to drop one of its most significant beauty lines to date this month.

Nº1 De Chanel is the brand’s first-ever collection that has been developed with three beauty categories in mind.

Inspired by the scent of the red camellia flower, the collection comprises skin care, fragrance and make-up skus, while giving a nod to sustainability.

Hitting shelves on 14 January, the skin care line welcomes six products, including a serum, cream, eye cream, powder-to-foam cleanser, lotion and serum-in-mist.

For its make-up range, Chanel has launched its new Revitalizing Foundation, complete with red camellia oil and hydrating agents that is said to be long-lasting on the skin, and its Revitalizing Lip and Cheek Balm, a creamy, non-oily, multi-use balm that is said to feel comfortable on the skin and hydrate.

For the fragrance mist, meanwhile, Olivier Polge – the renowned French perfumer – has used a skin care base enriched with camellia water and red camellia extract as the medium.

The full range’s packaging has been housed in lighter jars and bottles to reduce weight, while plastic was heavily reduced, including the use of cellophane.

Paper leaflets have also been removed and product lids have been developed with recycled or bio-sourced materials.

To cement its position as an eco-friendly range, the brand has removed the use of inks on lids, instead opting for engraving. Meanwhile, organic inks, which require lower temperatures and consume less energy, have been used on pack.

Aside from its celebratory Chanel Factory 5 Collection launch in 2021 to commemorate 100 years since the launch of Chanel’s Nº5 fragrance, this is the brand’s biggest multi-product launch.

Individual products are often introduced by the brand, but rarely in such quantity, and with a new fragrance to match.

While many are under the impression that luxury beauty cannot go eco, Chanel is defying those expectations.

The range hit shelves online on 5 January, via chanel.com, and will launch in-store from 14 January.

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