Monat files another defamation lawsuit but FDA complaints flood in

Published: 14-Mar-2018

The hair care brand is taking legal action against Kayla Baker after she published ‘false and disparaging statements’ about its products, but faces separate class action lawsuits

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Monat Global Corp, the manufacturer of hair thickening products, has filed another defamation lawsuit, as FDA complaints against its products mount.

Kayla Baker, a hairstylist from Michigan, is being taken to court after allegedly publishing “false and disparaging statements” online about Monat’s products.

Monat President Stuart MacMillan said: “Unfortunately, we at Monat are being forced to use litigation to stop this defamatory attack on our Market Partners and on our products.

“This attack, and others like it, are aimed at damaging the livelihoods of thousands of Market Partners and their families who have safely and successfully served their customers across the United States and Canada."

MacMillan makes reference to the tirade of online accusations made against Monat regarding the safety of its products.

Recently the brand successfully settled a defamation lawsuit filed in February against Vickie Harrington, the principal behind a self-proclaimed anti-Monat Facebook group.

Official complaints mount

However, the number of official complaints lodged with the FDA and Better Business Bureau (BBB) are on the rise.

The FDA is said to have received 187 reports of adverse events related to Monat products, according to KTNV, including hair loss and thinning.

Meanwhile, the BBB is reported to be dealing with more than 500 complaints in Monat’s base of South Florida.

The company is also under class action scrutiny regarding its business structure and ethos, with some accusing Monat of supporting a pyramid scheme, fraud and deception.

At least three ongoing lawsuits have been filed with the US District Court Souther District of Florida.

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