FDA recalls potentially contaminated Evolved By Nature hand soaps

By Julia Wray | Published: 6-Mar-2023

Several lots of the biotech brand’s hand soaps may contain pseudomonas, says US administration

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recall of hand soaps made by Evolved By Nature due to potential pseudomonas contamination. 

Products involved in the recall include the following lots of Evolved By Nature Hand Soap Rosemary Lemon (1 gallon): RL-22297-01, RL-22307-01, RL-22308-01, RL-22313-01, RL-22314-01, RL-22320-01, RL-22320-02, RL-22321-02, RL-22326-01, RL-22332-01, RL-23010-01; and lot RL-22321-01 of Evolved By Nature Hand Soap Rosemary Lemon (1 litre). 

Lots LG-22284-01, LG-22287-01, LG-22287-02, LG-22294-01, LG-22301-01, LG-22304-01, LG-22305-01, LG-22305-02, LG-22312-01, LG-22312-02, LG-22314-01, LG-22318-01, LG-22318-02, LG-22319-02, LG-22322-01, LG-22325-01, LG-22325-02, LG-22326-01, LG-22332-01, LG-22336-01, LG-22339-01, LG-22339-02, LG-22340-02, LG-22340-01, LG-22343-01, LG-22348-01, LG-22350-01, LG-23012-01, LG-23017-01, LG-23018-01, LG-23023-01 and LG-23024-01 of Evolved By Nature Hand Soap Lavender Lemongrass (1 gallon) are also being recalled, alongside Evolved By Nature Hand Soap Lavender Lemongrass (1 litre) lots LG-22327-01 and LG-22333-01. 

Finally, lots HS-22286-01, HS-22300-01, HS-22311-01, HS-22315-01, HS-22322-01, HS-22333-01, HS-23019-01 and HS-23020-01 the Boston-based biotech brand’s Evolved By Nature Hand Soap Unscented (1 gallon) are also potentially contaminated with pseudomonas. 

Pseudomonas bacteria is usually found in soil and water. 

While it rarely causes illness outside of a hospital or healthcare setting, those with a weakened immune system, particularly the very young or elderly, could be at risk from pseudomonas infection.

Evolved By Nature’s hand soaps contain the company’s Activated Silk technology to soften hands, and are formulated using just 12 naturally-derived ingredients. 

The company claims its soaps are SLS/SLES-free, and do not include parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances. 

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