Micaraa chooses Corpack's glass jar with a sustainable lid

Published: 5-Jan-2022

Part of Corpack's Sughera collection

At the young German organic skincare brand Micaraa, all products are sustainably packaged in glass containers, with the aim of using as little plastic as possible.

For face cream and lip care, Micaraa chose brown-glazed glass jars of 50 and 15ml with matching lids made of natural-based, sustainable material from Corpack‘s Sughera collection. The 50ml jar is combined with an overcap made of Sughera, a cork-blended material.

For the 15ml jar, which is produced in Europe, Corpack has developed a new screw cap that does not require a plastic insert.

Sughera is a cork blend with cork content derived from cork production residues and helps reduce the need for plastic.

The logo printed caps give the jars a natural look and support the brand‘s philosophy.

Various face cream products are available in the 50ml glass jar and two lip care products in the 15ml glass jar.

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