Eco-Chic Screw Cap

Published: 14-Dec-2023

Corpack introduces a new BioD screw cap: A sustainable alternative for tube closures

This BioD screw cap boasts a beautiful and natural appearance thanks to its infusion of wood fibers. This not only provides a unique tactile experience but also aligns seamlessly with the ethos of organic brands.

Why choose BioD?

Sustainability at its core: BioD is made from cellulose-based material and is industrially compostable, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious brands. BioD is a sustainable alternative to conventional materials and reduces the overall consumption of non-renewable resources. The BioD closure is manufactured in Europe, minimising its environmental impact.


Another advantage of BioD is that the BioD screw cap is biodegradable when in contact with the environment. This means that if it finds its way into nature, it will naturally break down without leaving a trace of microplastics behind.

The BioD cap is compatible with ø 35mm tubes, further sizes are in planning.

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