Medik8 launches r-Retinoate with hybrid retinol molecule


Anti-ageing cream was in development for eight years

Anti-ageing cream r-Retinoate was in development for eight years and contains a hybrid molecule of retinol and retinoic acid

Medik8 is launching an anti-ageing product that contains a never-before-used molecule – retinyl retinoate.

r-Retinoate (£135) was in development for eight years and involved the scientific expertise of a group of universities and a cosmetic ‘superlab’ before Medik8 came on-board four years ago.

Elliot Isaacs said at the launch event: “From our market research we have found that a lot of people are scared of retinol… What has always evaded the industry is a product that gives you the effect of retinol without all the different products and faff.”

Medick8’s answer to this is r-Retinoate. The product contains a hybrid molecule of retinol and retinoic acid, which is said to be more photostable, less irritating and more powerful than standard retinol.

The product is said to be suitable for those with adult acne or sensitive skin, the latter of which might have been put off from using retinol before due to its side-effects, which can include redness, irritation and peeling.

Isaacs recommends that the product is used by those aged 30-50.

r-Retinoate can be used as a day and night cream, but consumers are recommended to wear a UVA/UBVB moisturiser on top as the product offers no protection against sun damage – a decision made in order to boost the stability of the formula.

The science behind retinyl retinoate has been published in a number of journals including the British Journal of Dermatology.

A study in this journal stated that retinyl retinoate applied twice daily let to results significantly more effective than the placebo or higher-strength retinol.

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