Mavala listens to the crowds with That\'s My Colour competition

Published: 9-Oct-2013

Mavala has unveiled the results of its competition, named That’s My Colour, launched earlier this year.

The competition called customers to post pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #ThatsMyColour featuring images of colours they would like to see turned into a Mavala Nail Polish.

Three winning shades were chosen leading to the creation of Argentum (silver) in response to a submission from @jrosellenm via Instagram; Hearth (green) following a submission from @lizzums from Twitter; and Iridescence (purple) following an entry from @wizardofozzy on Instagram. “We have been very excited to launch this campaign and to see how powerful social media can be. We really wanted to create a collection that would be personal to the public that the public had a say in.

“We feel we have achieved this with the That’s My Colour collection; it's definitely a first of its kind!” said Jonathan Hodge, Mavala MD.

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