Marlies Möller relaunches their hair care line with new custom packaging created by Corpack

Published: 20-Jan-2021

Evolving out of a mixture of their newer luxury hair-care lines (Pashmisilk and Luxury Golden Caviar) and their long-standing, traditional square hair care range, Corpack came up with a logical symbiosis of these two styles, to create a unique and modern rendition of the past.

The result is a modern, square-to-round sloping design, with a subtle reminder of the previous generation, yet successfully carrying the brand forward in an ever-changing market.

This new family of components is adapted to the sustainable demands of today’s customers, therefore the bottles are produced with a 50% content of PCR PET.

To complete the hair care lines, Marlies Möller also took a new and fresh approach in visualising the brand by redesigning the logo, while keeping in touch with the past by using similar colour codes.

This was done to ensure that loyal customers can still connect with the brand, while winning over new customers with the revitalised look.

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