Macy’s crowned most popular department store worldwide

By Becky Bargh 29-Oct-2021

Retailer of 163 years topped the leaderboard with an impressive average monthly search score

Macy’s crowned most popular department store worldwide

Despite being 163 years old, retail chain Macy’s has stood the test of time, and has been crowned the most popular department store chain globally.

According to findings from, a British property expert, the American group beat out its US counterparts, among them Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, to win the most monthly global search volumes.

The group garnered on average 14 million searches every month; a score head and shoulders above the other nine retailers mentioned in the ranking, which also helped the group achieve its overall score of 9.65.

Nipping at Macy’s heels was Nordstrom, with an overall score of 9.58; it achieved greater engagement on Instagram than Macy’s, however, its average monthly searches were significantly lower than the retail stalwart.

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In third place was Britain’s Selfridges with an overall score of 8.96, followed by Harrods, another of Britain’s staple department store chains, which has invested heavily in its new beauty stores of late.