Lumson collaborates with Pusterla for XPaper

Published: 4-Jul-2022

Lumson collaborated with Pusterla 1880, another Italian family-run company, to create the multi-award winning XPaper- the paper airless packaging that was a winner at Cosmopack Awards 2022 and winner of the ADI Design Index 2021 “Innovation Prize”

“The future of the cosmetics sector lies within collaborations between companies in the supply chain”. Words from Matteo Moretti, President of Lumson, who collaborated with Pusterla 1880, another Italian, family-run company, to create the multi-award winning XPaper- the paper airless packaging that was a winner at Cosmopack Awards 2022 and winner of the ADI Design Index 2021 “Innovation Prize”.

Synergy, The key to growth

The partnership came about naturally between Lumson, a leader in primary cosmetic packaging, and Pusterla, specialised in luxury secondary packaging which provided their support for the paper and printing part creating a coating out of cellulose acetate, biodegradable and eco sustainable.

“We’re proud of this collaboration and also of the results achieved with XPaper, a centrepiece of the new generation of airless packaging that unites innovation, functionality, and safety in a sustainable manner”, declared Matteo Moretti. Lumson’s President has clear ideas on collaboration between companies: “The ability for companies that share the same values to collaborate with each other, as was the case between Lumson and Pusterla, is a very important driver for growth not only for the individual companies involved but for the entire sector. In addition, networking is an optimal publicity vehicle for “Made in Italy” as well and a way to successfully face market challenges and seize new opportunities”.

Luca Meana, President of the Pusterla Group is also on the same page: “We’re convinced that the collaboration between various players on a single project represents a new frontier of sustainability. The sharing of know-how, commercial strength, and research and development among different companies in the same supply chain is the ideal asset to develop sustainable innovation projects directed at different markets and customers”.

At PCD Paris, the companies made their partnership official through a co-marketing strategy: some XPaper samples were on display both at Lumson’s and Pusterla’s stand. Scanning a QR Code that was easily visible at both stands allowed you to get more information about the product. An initiative that will be replicated in September for Luxepack in Montecarlo.

Xpaper and the use of paper in primary cosmetic packaging

Lumson’s paper airless isn’t only one of the most innovative airless designs on the market but it’s proven to be “the perfect combination of smart design, safety, and advanced functionality with a sustainable twist”. Being able to separate the plastic components from the paper ones once the product within is used up makes the packaging easily recyclable and in line with the principles of a circular economy: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Lumson collaborates with Pusterla for XPaper

XPaper’s distinctive character can be found, first off, in the material that the bottle is made of: cardboard, a material that is conceptually and intuitively sustainable. Up until now, it hadn’t been used much in the world of primary packaging because it was considered “cheap” however today many things have changed and paper and cardboard have become materials to be regarded with interest, and for deluxe products as well. XPaper is a testament to this.

Thanks to sophisticated printing technologies and to the lamination with cellulose acetate which has a protective function and brings added value in terms of look and feel, the once “poor” cardboard material is transformed into a durable, sustainable, and sophisticated product that enhances both the container and its contents. All while respecting the environment.

The acetate lamination, in fact, is a process that enhances the material and doesn’t impair its recyclability. On the contrary: the protective film, made from wood pulp and cotton wastes, both renewable and natural materials, is industrially compostable both in the shiny version used to give transparency and sheen, as well as the matte version that gives the paper an elegant and sophisticated effect.

Currently patent-pending, XPaper unites sustainability with safety, another key term for cosmetic packaging. In fact, the new paper airless is equipped with an internal pouch that guarantees the integrity of the seal and compatibility, and has a hermetic seal closure patented by Lumson.

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