Lucas Meyer Cosmetics join Friends of the Koala to help preserve koalas


Human wellbeing is directly linked to the health and complexity of biodiversity on Earth.

However, according to scientific experts, at the current rate of extinction, 30 to 50 percent of species could be endangered by the mid century[1]. These startling facts point to the urgent need for humans to change their actions to halt biodiversity loss.

In the cosmetics industry, many raw materials are directly sourced from trees and flowers or are inspired by nature. Lucas Meyer Cosmetics and Southern Cross Botanicals care about biodiversity conservation and the environment, so therefore aim to be part of the solution.

Which is why Lucas Meyer Cosmetics have teamed up with Friends of the Koala Inc., an Australian organisation committed to conserving Koalas and preserving and enhancing their habitat, particularly in the Australian Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. By partnering with them, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics aim to make a key contribution to Australia’s biodiversity.

Why the Koala?

The Koala is easily recognisable and is one of the most iconic Australian animals, along with the Kangaroo.

Beloved by everyone, this adorable furry marsupial is one of the most popular animals visited in Zoos. But the Koala’s popularity in captivity does not mean it is safe in the wild – certain populations of Koala are listed as threatened species in Australia.

In the last decade, a significant decline has occurred in these populations, mainly due to diseases and loss of their habitat from land clearing and climate change.

With the launch of their latest natural active ingredient from Australia, OiLESS’city, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics and Southern Cross Botanicals decided to support the actions of Friends of the Koala Inc. by donating for every kilo of OiLESS’city sold.

Let’s work together to conserve the Koala so this iconic species can thrive in the wild and be enjoyed by generations to come!

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is the business unit of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) which develops, manufactures and markets innovative ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry. Offering active ingredients, functional ingredients and delivery systems from various origins.

Southern Cross Botanicals is a subsidiary of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. Located in Knockrow, Australia, Southern Cross Botanicals specialises in botanical extracts for the cosmetic industry.

For detailed information on Friends of the Koala, inc, please visit their website at

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[1] The Center for Biological Diversity (2018), The Extinction Crisis. Accessed19th June, 2018 from

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