London Lash launches mannequin training heads


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London Lash launches mannequin training heads

If you’ve known London Lash for a while, you’ll know that we firmly believe a good lash technician should never stop learning.To help with that, we’ve worked hard to create in-depth tutorials and lash hack videos on our YouTube channel and even launched our comprehensive education hub. However, most recently (and arguably most excitingly), we’ve introduced our brand new mannequin training heads! Let us tell you a bit about them and what makes them so excellent.

They have lashes

That’s right, they have lashes built right in! You don’t have to spend any time attaching strips of practice lashes in rows to mimic a client’s lashes as these are already installed in layers of varying length, emulating a person’s natural lashes in different stages of growth.

These lashes are pretty indestructible - we’ve tested them rigorously and they aren’t at all damaged by lash remover, or even by being pulled on. This means you can lash, remove, lash, remove, lash, remove.

You can practice for hours

If we’re lucky, our friends and family are very patient with us when we’re just starting out, but after an hour or so they start to fidget - their back hurts, they need the bathroom, they’re hungry; whatever the reason it is, they become restless and difficult to work on.

Let’s face it, we’re not super fast when we’re just starting out in the lash world! We’re also a little bit nervous, so when someone wants to leave, our hands shake more, the work doesn’t look as good and we lose our confidence a little bit. It’s something of a universal experience.

But, where a mannequin head comes out on top is that they don’t, won’t and can’t move away from us. They’ll never drink coffee before a set and have flickery eyes, they’ll never answer their phone mid-set, and they’ll never be able to get up and leave.

You can try out new things

Not all of our clients love those super daring and unusual sets - some of them don’t even want to try something different to what they’ve always had, so getting to try out new trending styles so that you can post your new looks on Instagram can be a challenge.

The great thing about mannequin heads is that you can try out anything and they won’t mind - want to try a fully red set of lashes? Go for it. Want to try a super on-trend wet look set? Go right ahead.

They’re perfect for training academies

How often have we seen students lose their confidence when they see the difference between those perfectly spaced, equally lengthed and not-too-curly strip lashes, and a model’s real lashes? So many, right? Well, our mannequin heads may seem daunting at first, but they’re so much closer to mimicking a real client’s lashes that it won’t feel as big of a shock to them when they start to work on their model.

London Lash have actually put a scheme in place for training academies too for this very reason: buy four and get your fifth mannequin head free. Just add five heads to the basket, put in the code MHB45F at checkout and see the total for one head deducted from your order.

They’re environmentally friendly

Having the lashes built in means that you’re not using loads of strip lashes which you’ll later throw away. Add to that the fact that they’re vegan and completely cruelty free, and you’re onto a winner.

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Any way you use these mannequin training heads will be sure to help you grow and develop your skills as a lash technician, whether you’re a beginner building confidence or a seasoned pro looking to try out a new colour combination, these heads provide you with a unique learning tool.