London Lash expands into Canada


Following the success of London Lash’s 2021 expansion into the USA and other regions, the industry leading lash brand are excited to announce their most recent venture into further growing their lash community in Canada!

London Lash expands into Canada

Founded on 2014, London Lash once shipped parcels all around the world from one central website. After years of growth and developments in the global lash community, London Lash decided to expand in more regions in order to offer localised shipping options and product prices, as well as more topical and relevant sales periods to suit the needs of as many of their beloved clients as possible.

London Lash’s Regional Executive for the US and Canada Alice Baxter says ‘it’s been really exciting to see such fast growth in the US, and more localised expansion means we can really get to know the lash community, which is something we’ve always loved as a brand. You always hope for growth, but the way we’ve taken off in the USA over the last 18 months has surpassed any of our expectations, and we’re really proud to have been able to expand into Canada already. After the first month of trading with a Canada-specific website, it’s looking like we’ll be just as quick to grow there as we have been in the USA, so we’re really looking forward to seeing where the future will take us.’

London Lash expands into Canada

Check out the London Lash website in your region for high quality award-winning lash supplies that are developed by Lash Techs, for Lash Techs.

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