Lipoid Kosmetik unveils two novel skin care solutions

Published: 27-Feb-2020

Lipoid Kosmetik is presenting two new skin care ingredients, which will launch at in-cosmetics Global.

PhytoCodine is a novel anti-ageing active ingredient from cedar nuts, which mimics the activity of matrikines in our skins. These dermal messenger proteins instruct skin cells to reorganise and build-up the extracellular matrix, which provides structure and elasticity to the skin.

PhytoCodine renews the extracellular matrix to improve dermal texture, support facial density and rejuvenate mature skin.

SLM Eco, meanwhile, helps repair and restore the skin barrier, which can be compromised by pollutants, UV exposure, climate, etc.

Standing for Skin Lipid Matrix technology, SLM Eco is made from hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine from sunflower seeds and combines essential skin lipids including ceramides, triglycerides and phospholipids.

At the recommended concentration of 10-30% SLM Eco can function as a foundation for creams and lotions.

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